December 7, 2020
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Photonics in Cybersecurity

The main security trends that were identified in January 2020 by Dorit Dor in an article as part of the World economic forum annual meeting were:

The east-west ‘cyber cold war’ is set to intensify

Cyberattacks will increasingly be used as proxy conflicts between smaller countries, funded and enabled by larger nations looking to consolidate and extend their respective spheres of influence.

To address this, quantum encryption is a solution that is currently looked at, a Photonics based solution.

Cyberattack trends by region in 2019. Source: World Economic Forum

5G and the IoT could make us all more vulnerable to cyberattack

As 5G networks roll out, the use of connected IoT devices will accelerate dramatically, massively increasing networks’ vulnerability to large scale, multi-vector 5th generation cyberattacks. IoT devices and their connections to networks and clouds are still a weak link in security. This ever-growing volume of personal data will need securing against breaches and theft. We need a more holistic approach to IoT security, combining traditional and new controls to protect these ever-growing networks across all industry and business sectors.

Quantum communication based on Photonics technology is one of the networks that would offer a solution to this.

Businesses will start to rethink their approach to the cloud

Organizations already run a majority of their workloads in the cloud, but the level of understanding about security in the cloud remains low; in fact, it is often an afterthought in cloud deployments. Security solutions need to evolve to new, flexible, cloud-based architectures that deliver scalable protection at speed.

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Time for a rethink? Source: Worls Economic Forum

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