September 28, 2020
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Photonics – Cybersecurity, Digitalization and Digital transformation

In the digitalization process and on the road of digital transformation a lot of data is generated, and the security of the data and the devices is increasingly important

Photonics is at the center of the solution with quantum encryption and the secure quantum communication. According to the Europe’s Age of light Strategic Roadmap 2021-2027″ Cybersecurity through quantum secure communication. Quantum secure communication is almost entirely photonics based.”

COVID-19 has accelerated the Digitalization process and as the graph below puts Canada among the nations that show a significant increase in digitalization.

Image: European Center for Digital Competitiveness

Digital Riser Ranking of the Group of Twenty (G20). Turkey is not included due to a lack of data in three out of the five mindset dimensions. EU is not included since it is a collection of countries.

Europe’s Age of light Strategic Roadmap 2021-2027 link:

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