July 7, 2020
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Photonics and COVID

News about photonics in biomedical applications

July 7, 2020 Ottawa, Ontario

CPIC decided this month to release news about Photonics in Biomedical applications.

We have previously seen with COVID-19 the response and applications of Photonics in two different areas, the detection and sterilization areas.

Two canadian companies that were highlighted are Spartan Bioscience, Ottawa, Ontario and OZ Optics, Ottawa, ON both offering devices using photonics for rapid detection.
In the sterilization area Reggin Industries, Calgary,Alberta that has shown what collaboration can bring. Their collaboration with the University of Alberta has yielded the proof that the unit built is killing a range of pathogens.

Are there other areas that Photonics is involved in Biomedical applications?

The answer is definitely YES and some other areas are Health and Imaging, providing information about the microscopic world around us and enabling us to monitor our health.

In the July issue of Photonics spectra the article in the Tech Pulse section has caught my eye. Title”Photocatalysis cold be used to inactivate corona viruses” the “Trap-and-zap method” a nanotechnology designed for wastewater treatment that uses Photonics.

Photonics is deeply present in the Biomedical applications through its sensors and devices that use light for our well-being.

Nikki Bulgarea
Director of Business development
Directeur Développement des affaires
CPIC/ Photons Canada
e-mail: nikki.bulgarea@photonscanada.ca
mobile: +1-613-263-2992

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