February 8, 2021
Photons Canada news

Universities with Photonics in Canada 2020

Canadian universities are offering courses in Photonics all over Canada and this year is no different with courses and school online.

Illustrating this is the image Photonics in Canada. The programs offered are at all levels with GraduatUCA2020e and Doctoral programs. Ontario and Quebec form the “Photonics corridor” with University of Waterloo’s increased activities in quantum photonics and University of Ottawa recognized world leader in photonic who recently received “nearly $800,000 in funding to support collaborative research projects as part of the National Research Council’s Challenge programs.” (January 27, 2021) together with the Centre d’optique, photonique et laser grouping eight universities Quebec Province.

With 36 Universities offering photonics programs and 11 R&D Centers the photonics activities in Canada are divers and the drivers of the Canadian economy on the cutting edge of technology.

Universities are working together with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) in fostering innovation in photonics and generating IP that is helping Canada and the Canadian Economy.

At the same time preparing the workforce for tomorrow of highly trained individual in the high-tech industry.

CMC Microsystems is a Canadian organization with the goal of breaking down barriers for technology adoption “by creating and sharing platform technologies.” They are also managing Canada’s National Design Network®, a national network of 10,000 academic participants and 1,000 companies developing innovations in micro-nanotechnologies. Micro-nanotechnologies include photonics devices with developments in Silicon photonics and quantum photonics just to name a few at the cutting edge of photonics.

Link: Canada Photonics University Programs (canadian-universities.net)

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Link: CRPuO members receive funding to support collaborative projects with the National Research Council (NRC) | Centre for Research in Photonics | University of Ottawa (uottawa.ca)

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