July 31, 2023
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Photons Canada welcomes 2023 Board of Directors

Photons Canada is pleased to announce the appointments of Marie-Christine Ferland as Chair of the Board of Directors, Yesim Sezerman as Vice Chair, and Jean-François Cormier as Secretary. Robert Corriveau continues as Finance Committee Chair.

Founded in 2012, Photons Canada (the Canadian Photonic Industry Consortium) is an industry-led photonics organization dedicated to fostering the growth and advancement of the photonics industry in Canada. Through support, resources and networking opportunities, Photons Canada empowers Canadian companies to optimize their operations and accelerate the application of photonic technologies for enhanced quality, productivity and profitability.

“We know that photonics technology plays a pivotal role in numerous sectors of Canada’s economy and significantly impacts the daily lives of its citizens. It has the potential to drive positive societal change, improve quality of life, and address pressing global challenges. I look forward to building on the successes of my predecessors and supporting the further development of Photons Canada and our industry as a whole,” said Ms. Ferland.

Marie-Christine Ferland, Chair of the Board of Directors
With over 15 years’ experience in business development in a high-tech environment, Marie-Christine is a seasoned professional responsible for bringing in new business, exploring and evaluating the potential of new markets, and managing key accounts at Photon ETC. Her expertise lies in driving growth and fostering strategic partnerships to expand the company’s footprint in the photonics industry. Marie-Christine has served on the board of RPQ (Réseau photonique du Québec), playing an instrumental role in advancing photonics initiatives in the province. As the General Manager at Optonique, she further cemented her dedication to the photonics field, spearheading initiatives that propelled the industry’s growth.

Yesim Sezerman, Vice Chair of the Board of Directors
Yesim Sezerman is the Marketing and a Regional Sales Manager for OZ Optics Limited; worldwide supplier of fiber optic components, test equipment and sensors. She has her Bachelor’s degree in Commerce with a major in Marketing from University of Ottawa and an Executive Masters in Marketing and Sales from Bocconi University and ESADE. With her specialization in Marketing and Sales, she has increased visibility and awareness which assists her with maintaining and fostering partnerships in the photonics community. Her ultimate goal is to bring the Canadian photonics community to a new frontier.

Jean-François Cormier, Secretary of the Board of Directors
Jean-François Cormier, PhD, is a seasoned physicist and technology leader, known for his extensive experience in research methodologies and team leadership. He has held prominent roles, including Senior Scientific Advisor at the Chief of Technology’s Office (current), Technology Manager at INO, Assistant Operations Manager, and Researcher at the same institution. Dr. Cormier also spent years as a Research Agent at NRC-IMI. A member of the Forum des Innovateurs de Québec, he brings expertise in governance, science and engineering.

Photons Canada thanks Éric Bernier for his support and leadership as Board Chair over the past three years.

The full list of Board members for 2023-2024 is:

Marie-Christine Ferland (Chair)
Yesim Sezerman (Vice-Chair)
Jean-François Cormier (Secretary)
Stewart Aitchison
Éric Bernier
Robert Corriveau
Dino Deligiannis
Subodh Gupta
Gordon Harling
Douglas J. James
Ben Sussman
Velko Tzolov
Brian Wilson

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