June 20, 2024
Photons Canada news

Photons Canada announces new member X-Celeprint

We are excited to announce the addition of X-Celeprint to the Photons Canada community.

X-Celeprint is an international leader in micro-transfer printing (MTP), serving clients in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific. Founded in 2013, they hold 746 patents and applications worldwide. Their micro-transfer printing platform enables miniature components from the best vendors to be heterogeneously integrated onto a broad array of common substrates using the best-in-class components to allow for better performance, lower cost, complex systems to be developed, and system IP to be developed. X-Celeprint offers MTP technology licensing, MTP technical support, prototype construction services, and MTP stamp production. X-Celeprint is actively building a supply chain to support micro-transfer printing with its partners, providing MTP compatible components, substrates, MTP sites, thin film interconnect, design, packaging, equipment, and testing capabilities.

“X-Celeprint is excited to join the Photons Canada community and grow our micro-transfer printing ecosystem within Canada,” says Kevin Oswalt, Senior Supply Chain Engineer.

To learn more about X-Celeprint visit https://x-celeprint.com/, https://www.linkedin.com/company/x-celeprint/ or contact koswalt@x-celeprint.com.

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