November 30, 2020
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Photonics in Canadian military

Photonics is playing an important role as detailed in the Canada Research and Development pages and the programs of interest to the military.

The Soldier-This program aims to enhance soldier operational effectiveness by increasing protection, situational awareness, weapons effects, mobility, self-sufficiency, and resilience while limiting physical and cognitive soldier burden, within an integrated, human-centric soldier system.

They are already using googles for night viewing and laser protection, photonics devices, Lidar for depth perception just to name a few.

Land Combat Systems-The goal of this program is to improve the effectiveness of combat systems, including the field operational vehicle systems and direct and indirect weapon systems required for the Army of Tomorrow.

Guidance systems and finders are for the land combat systems where photonics is used.

Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR)-This program enhances command over adaptive dispersed forces with technology integrated in a distributed network environment in adverse environments.

The distributed network environment is using photonics for communication.

The Force-The Force program improves the ability of the Canadian Army’s forces to conduct adaptive dispersed operations (ADO) in terms of time space and purpose. It also aims to increase the growth and sustainability of the Canadian Army’s forces by offering long term approaches to training operations and combat.

As shown in a previous article the application of AR/ VR for the military training is using photonics.

Maritime Information Warfare-Enhances the effectiveness of the RCN’s command team by improving information management techniques and promoting greater situational awareness through improved intelligence gathering, surveillance analysis, and sensor integration.

Photonics is here at play too as shown in the AI and photonics article. Optical sensors have proven very useful and are currently used.

Photonics is used by the Canadian military in their training, protection and combat readiness and is expected to help prepare the Canadian army for the future.




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