September 7, 2020
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Photonics in Canadian Digitalization and digital transformation

Canada recognizes that the future belongs to those who are at the forefront of the Digitalization process

Therefore one of the 5 Superclusters in Canada is the Canada Digital Technology SuperCluster.

An organization that is 680 members strong “in sectors ranging from mining to health care, quantum computing and software development, to post-secondary education, super-computing, forestry and beyond.”

Surprisingly, no mention of thePhotonics companies involved that are creating the backbone of the Digitalization and the digital transformation.As shown by the Strategic roadmap,” Europe’s Age of light Strategic Roadmap 2021-2027″ by Photonics21 referred to in the last week’s article, providing the hardware, the sensors and the networks used in the Digital Transformation of the society. Nevertheless, they exist and are supporting the Canadian Digital transformation of the society accelerated by the current pandemic(COVID-19) with people working from home and companies in need to digitize, going online of commerce, health and business in general.

Canada has generated a Digital Charter in action: A plan by Canadians for Canadians.

This charter is identifying the current, Future Waves and the New Ecosystem.

Photonics is playing a pivotal role, even though not visible at first glance, as recognized by the NRC with their ongoing project of offering Internet to rural communities.

Canada Digital Technology Super Cluster link:

Europe’s Age of light Strategic Roadmap 2021-2027 link:

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