April 19, 2021
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COVID-19 and Photons Canada/CPIC – The voice of the Canadian Photonics

While still in the grip of the 3rd wave of the pandemic with the Variants of concern, we are taking a look at the activities, the successes, and the struggles that the association has faced.

We are thankful for all the members that have supported us and are proud of the value that we have brought to them by organizing virtual workshops and webinars, organizing the virtual participation, and support offered during Photonics West 2021.

We are proud of our members that have helped us promote Photonics and the application of photonics technologies as detailed in an article from March 17, 2021, “How the science and technology of light is transforming our lives” published by University of Ottawa. Mr. Pierre Berini in his photonics lab at uOttawa’s Centre for Research in Photonics notes that “Advances in photonics, the science and technology of light, will be critical in developing the next generation of game-changing tech – sensors for environmental monitoring and point-of-care diagnostics, LiDAR for autonomous driving, advanced devices for green energy and high-performance networks, along with many other applications.” The article also states that “Photonic components are everywhere – they are used in applications essential to productivity and quality of life, such as telecommunications, cybersecurity, medical diagnostics and devices, autonomous transportation, energy, and environmental testing.”

Also, we proudly support the Photonics North 2021 conference and exhibit that will be held virtually again from May 31 to June 2, 2021.

The Canadian Photonics conference -Photonics North that during 2020 was held virtually for the first time and was quite a success highlighting the flurries of activities that are taking place in Canada in the Photonics field.

During the last year of the pandemic, we are proud to have been able to pivot and deliver virtual Workshops and webinars of interest to the Canadian photonics industry and academia on topics that have spanned Ai and Photonics, Smart cities and smart energy management, radio over fibre (RoF) for communication and metamaterials from (HOE-holographic optical elements to optical and photonics metamaterials) just to name a few.

We have struggled to deliver weekly news on World and Canadian Photonics every Monday during the last year but are proud that we have managed to do so, and this is reflected by the LinkedIn and the Twitter followers and their engagement with Photons Canada/CPIC.

We would like to announce that we were able to assemble six Experts groups that will identify and give their opinion on photonics trends of importance to Canada for the following areas: Bio-photonics, Sensing imaging and fusion, Laser processing and advanced manufacturing, Communication-and-advanced Photonic IC’s, Photovoltaic and Quantum Technologies.

We are looking forward to further keep you informed about Photonics in Canada and if you would like to support us by becoming a member contact us at info@photonscanda.ca.

Link: How the science and technology of light is transforming our lives | Gazette | University of Ottawa (uottawa.ca)

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